AKABANE MARATHON on December 8, 2018 Accomplished

The target event was  20 km Relay (1 Team 4 Persons) . Total 29 team participated. We are happy to announce that 3 teams from Honjo International Scholarship Foundation successfully completed  the relay.

The participants are listed below.

Team A

1.Mr. Taisuke Okada (0:27:10)

2.Mr. Sanfo Mohamadou Bassirou Jean-Baptiste (0:24:37)

3.Mr. Aschero Fabio (0:24:00)

4.Mr. Ith Vannsith (0:22:02)

Team B

1.Ms. Yingwei Qu (0:32:32)

2.Mr. Shin Seung Jae (0:23:44)

3.Mr. Gunawan Arief (0:22:10)

4.Mr. Masao Iwagami (0:23:00)

Team C

1.Mr. Takumi Nishihara (0:24:36)

2.Ms. Karina Ramires (0:38:31)

3.Ms. Akrami Somea Bozorg Maryam (0:40:17)

4.Mr. Erwin Avianto (0:30:55)

Hereafter, the photo report.

⦿Before Event

⦿The Marathon Time

Mr. Taisuke Okada

Mr. Sanfo Mohamadou Bassirou Jean-Baptiste

Mr. Aschero Fabio

Mr. Ith Vannsith

Ms. Yingwei Qu

Mr. Shin Seung Jae

Mr. Gunawan Arief

Mr. Masao Iwagami

Mr. Takumi Nishihara

Ms. Karina Ramires

Ms. Akrami Somea Bozorg Maryam

Mr. Erwin Avianto

⦿Party at Shunpuso


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