The Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2019 Accomplished.

The Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2019 has been organized at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu on May 19, Sunday, 2019.

Here are some photo report of the program.

◎The Doctoral Dissertation Presentation

1. Mark Christian Manio, PhD (Kyoto University)

on “Studies on the influence of fats in exercise training adaptation”

2.    Masao Iwagami, MD, MPH, MSc, PhD(London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

on “Associations between chronic kidney disease and mental health disorders and psychoactive drugs in the UK general population”

3.    Pichayanun Suwanmontri, PhD  (The University of Tokyo)

on “Assessment of rainfed lowland rice improvement in Thailand by participatory research to cope with climate change”

◎At party

  1. Toast by Mr. MASESE Titus Nyamwaro, PhD

2.Interaction Time

3. Concluding remarks by Mr. Ith Vannsith, PhD