The Masters and Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2017 accomplished.

The Masters and Doctoral Dissertation Presentation 2017 has been organized at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu on May 27, Saturday, 2017.

Here are some snaps to report the program.

◎The Masters and Doctoral Dissertation Presentation

1.Mr. Kazuhiro Ogura (University of Southern Denmark) on            “Requirements to Justify the Use of Force for Self-defense”

2. Mr. Kohei Matsumoto (University of Chicago) on “The Impacts of Permanent Cash Transfers on the Labor Market: Evidence from the Alaska Permanent Fund” 

3. Simba Mutsvangwa, PhD  (Yokohama National University) on “Essays on conflict, international trade and trade cost”

4. Natsuki Mukakami, PhD  (Tokyo University of the Arts) on “Archaeometric Study on Materials and Techniques of the Islamic Pottery: Case Study in the Shards Excavated in al-Fusṭāṭ, Egypt”

5. Dr. Kino Shiho  (King’s College London) on “The role of healthcare and education systems in multiple health behaviours in Europe”

6. Suko Bagus Trisnanto, PhD  (Tokyo Institute of Technology) on “Characteristic response of electromagnetically stimulated magnetic nanoparticles and its potential application for biosensing”

7. Eriko Ito, PhD (University of Tsukuba) on “Regulation of fungal life – Fungal sirtuin regulates global transcription between exponential growth and stationary phases -”

◎At party

  1. Toast by Mr. Kyohei Hisano

2. Exchange

3. Concluding remarks by Suko Bagus Trisnanto, PhD